Friday, December 19, 2008

Sweet, I'll say....

I have to honest with you, I have little to no nostalgia for the TV series "Gimmee a Break" as it stands although I always liked the Dad, played by veteran character actor Dolph Sweet.

Sweet was a grizzled mountain of a man who would at home with a fedora and a shot glass in front of him. His entire career is almost always cops, look him on IMDB, his characters are always named "Detective" or "Sherrif" and there's a reason, this guy looks like a cop!

Naturally for "GAB" he was "Police Chief Carl Kanisky" and he brought his gruff stage presence to the show and mostly played it straight, the straight man never gets enough praise in my book.

Sadly Sweet passed away during the show's 1985 season and even more sadly, they kept the show going and going. I lost interest after that but I don't think the show resembled it's original incarnation much.

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