Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shortlived: The Charmings

Fantasy sitcoms had a tough time after their 1960s heyday, the Charmings was a good attempt to bring it back but it pretty much fell flat. What if Snow White, Prince Charming and their family woke up in modern times? Complete with evil witch step mother and whacy neighbour?

Opening as a mid season replacement, Charmings got good initial reviews and it generated enough ratings to return the following season. Unfortunately the orginal Snow White, played by Caitlin O'Heaney was replaced in season 2 by Carol Huston. No offence to Ms Huston but the sun set and rose over Caitlin O'Heany to 17 year old me, I completely stopped watching.

Other notable faces in the cast were Paul Winfield as the magic mirror and future Reba star (and the guy who played Archie) Christopher Rich as Prince Charming. 19 episodes isn't a long life but it's about 7 episodes longer than most shows of this nature.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chilling Facts About Mama's Family

  • There are one hundred and thirty episodes of Mama's Family available in Syndication, that's more than WKRP or Taxi.
  • The first season on NBC used to feature an intro by Harvey Korman as Alastair Quince, all of this was cut out of syndication.
  • The show only ran for a season and a half on NBC, the remaining four years were in first run syndication where much of the show's cast (and quality) were cut.
  • At the time of the writing Vicki Lawrence is merely a spry 60 years old, still has the outfits and is waiting for Hollywood to call.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Short Lived: The Mullets

Oh UPN, how I miss thee. Like Fox before it, a last placed channel will often take risks with it's programming because the only way is up.

The Mullets was one of those chances, the titular characters not only rocked what I've always called "The Short Long" but it also happens to be their last name (like almost every DC comics villain).

Loni Anderson played their mom and Mr. Peterson himself, John O'Hurley was on hand as their step dad. I've never seen an episode of this but judging from this clip, I have missed absolutely nothing.

Early reviews called it everything from charming to absolute crap, methinks the name damned it, it's like calling "King of the Hill" something like "Crewcut".

Friday, October 2, 2009

Short Lived: We Got It Made

I think 1983's "We Got It Made" was the first time I ever watched something due to negative reviews. At the time, critics pretty much lambasted it as "the stupidest new series" so me being me, I had to check it out.

I still remember the feeling of watching the pilot, which sucked but not in a 'fun way" and I never looked again. Apparently the American public felt the same way as "We Got It Made" opened to high ratings then nose dived into cancellation.

The series revolved around two sloppy bachelours who hire a sexy live in Maid (Teri Copely) despite objection from their girlfriends. Copely's sex appeal was supposed to keep you tuning in, even at 13 I couldn't care to do so, what does that say? As I recall, the dialogue and acting in the pilot were on par with most pornographic films.

Inexplicably during the "Syndication Spree" of 1987, somebody thought to bring this back with part of the original cast, it was cancelled yet again. I think this time though, the drowned it in the river and buried it behind the shed.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Poll: The Age Old WKRP Question

You knew this was coming, the one question that floated around my college dorm (along with other things) for the entirety of 1990, so here it is gents:

Jennifer or Herb?

Be Honest.