Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Merch: Room 222 Comic Book

I spent much of my frosh year in college watching midnight reruns of this light hearted show and remember being excited by the episode where a mustachioed Deforrest Kelly played a concerned parent but for the life of me can't think of a duller afternoon than reading this. I think I would prefer to get this CGC'd so I wouldn't have to read it.
Also, it's a Dell comic, a company known mostly for bland comics produced in a workmanlike fashion occasionally breaking to do some of the most fantastically terrible Superhero books known.

Although, I am curious to see how they drew Bernie's huge white guy afro...


Neal Patterson said...

I'm surprised Dell did a TV tie-in at that late stage of their existence. It seemed like back then, whatever shows Gold Key didn't do Charlton was doing. I loved those cheesy Partridge Family comics that Charlton put out.

rob! said...

Imagine you were the poor comic book writer stuck with this assignment--adapt a dull (in terms of working as a comic book) show, and be sure to Keep it Bland!