Thursday, September 24, 2009

Short Lived: Payne

Fifteen years after "Amanda's" flopped, US producers tried again to capture "Fawlty Towers" with "Payne" this time with John Larroquette as "Royal Payne" (HA!) a man obsessed with the competition. This time he bullies around MO, an East Indian version of Manuel. Jo Beth Williams played Mrs Payne.

Just like Amanda's it was a mid season replacement and despite Laroquette being good casting, it was a miserable flop. I'd like to suggest to Hollywood that maybe the magic of Fawlty Towers cannot be recaptured but I know right now Kelsey Grammar is looking for a vehicle.....


wee67 said...

Jeepers, you could do a whole week just on shows bvased on 'Fawlty Towers!'
BTW, I don't remember this from its original airing, but I semi-enjoyed this clip. I think the show really had potential. Laroquette is an excellent choice for the role. I would have rather seen them go in a little more different direction than the original Fawlty. Maybe find the slapstick relief somewhere else than a new Manuel.


This is what came to mind when I first saw your post for Amanda's.I remember when this first aired but for some reason I thought they kept the name Faulty Towers.I would love to hear more about Condo.

KaBluie said...

I always wanted to see this version:

Snavely (1978-06-24)
Harvey Korman ... Henry Snavely
Betty White ... Gladys Snavely
Frank LaLoggia ... Petro
Deborah Zon ... Connie

Plaidstallions said...


I heard whispers of a Harvey Korman version but couldn't find anything. Thanks for posting that