Tuesday, December 1, 2009


One of the reasons I haven't updated in a while (besides the two broken computers) is I've been watching a pile of TV instead of sitting in front of my computer. I blame this on my new Tivo, that fact that I get to lay down instead of sit (I'm much like a cat in that regard) and there are shiny new 30 episodes of "30 Rock" on. However, I have a new favourite this season in "Community". It comes from some of the same people behind "Arrested Development" which I also adored, so no big surprise.

I've missed the pilot but the plot seems to be about a disgraced Lawyer's (The Soup's Joel McHale) journey through community college and his adventures with his misfit crew (including Chevy "fricking" Chase!) and the somewhat oddball staff.

While my Mother in Law described it as "different" (meaning she was underwhelmed) I would describe the humour in the series as "off the wall" and at times, a little dark. I haven't seen the likes of something like this since "The John Larroquette" show.

Jeez, I hope I didn't jinx it. Watch Community!


wee67 said...

I can't say this is a big fav, but I have yet to take it off the DVR and I am still watching it every week. It has just enough to keep me coming back, but I have to admit, it hasn't overwhelmed me. I do love the Abed character. His precognizant movies are hilarious. El Tigre is always good for a bit, too.

Neal Patterson said...

I thought the pilot was a bit blah, but the show has steadily built momentum over the past weeks. It's a good sign when a show seems to be finding itself as it goes along rather than having a funny pilot and not much to offer afterward. I also think the characters are so likable, I don't mind that there isn't a laugh a minute.