Friday, June 5, 2009

Shortlived: Carter Country

This two season wonder set in Clinton Corners, Georgia (presumably where Jimmy Carter came from) made light of racial tension in the South. Victor French played Police Chief Roy Mobey and Kene Holliday played Sgt. Baker, a young African America who was the smartest man in the room. It was a comedic "In the Heat of the Night" so to speak.

The big stand out in the series was actor Richard Paul, who made a career playing southern blowhards and preachers, his catch phrase on the series was "Handle it Roy" meaning he asked the chief of police to make things disappear.

While the show was a staple at my house, I imagine that Carter Country's cancellation was likely America's falling out of love with "corn pone" television in general and the fact that it was up against "C.H.i.Ps" on NBC. Probably more to do with that...


rob! said...

For whatever reason, one passage of dialog from this show is still in my mind to this day--Mobey and Baker have an argument as to when its best to shower--the beginning of the day, or the end.

Baker says the morning, but Mobey insists at night:"You go to bed with your daily dirt?!?"

Why oh why do I still recall this, when entire years of high school are gone forever?

tmm1205 said...

I was born and raised in Georgia, about 20 miles from Plains, where Jimmy Carter grew up and still lives. That wasn't exactly a popular show around here, LOL!!! I think it made fun of Billy Carter more than anything else, as well as added to the stereotypes of people from the South, which simply isn't true. You can ask my cousin, who would totally agree with me---when he gets back from his honeymoon/possum hunting trip. He married his sister, it was a lovely wedding. :D