Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shortlived: Delta House

Delta House was ABC's kick at the "Frat House Craze of 1979" spawned by "Animal House" (CBS and NBC also released frat shows this year) and it was actually the TV version of Animal House. Much of the cast remained including John Vernon and Stephen Furst although Josh Mostel filled in as Bluto's brother and Tim Matheson is nowhere to be found. some girl named "Michelle Pfeiffer" also starred, wonder what ever happened to her.

I can tell you this, I LOVED this show as a kid but I hadn't seen the original movie either so I wasn't aware how watered down it was.

Between this and "Brothers and Sisters" , I was so stoked to go to college and live this crazy lifestyle. I was disappointed beyond belief...


rob! said...

How long did this last? I'm surprised they got so many of the original cast, but...Josh Mostel in for Belushi? shudder


James Widdoes was mr. pembroke from the first season of charles in charge.