Monday, October 5, 2009

Short Lived: The Mullets

Oh UPN, how I miss thee. Like Fox before it, a last placed channel will often take risks with it's programming because the only way is up.

The Mullets was one of those chances, the titular characters not only rocked what I've always called "The Short Long" but it also happens to be their last name (like almost every DC comics villain).

Loni Anderson played their mom and Mr. Peterson himself, John O'Hurley was on hand as their step dad. I've never seen an episode of this but judging from this clip, I have missed absolutely nothing.

Early reviews called it everything from charming to absolute crap, methinks the name damned it, it's like calling "King of the Hill" something like "Crewcut".


wee67 said...

I do think the titles like this do help kill shows. When faced with such an uncreative, not even close to subtle title, I assume the show most likely holds the same level of funny. I'll checkout something else.
And I have a pretty low bar for checking out tv shows.


Heard of , never seen it though.It can't be much worse than Platypus Man though.