Friday, December 11, 2009

Merch: Three's Company Puzzle

There is a small amount of Three's Company merchandise out there and none of what from I've seen ever feature Joyce Dewitt or John Ritter let alone my sweet, sweet Norman Fell. This puzzle is a rather telling glimpse into the show's underlying popularity and the reason my buddy Chris developed a childhood appreciation for Ms. Somers.

As an aside, I've bumped into Suzanne Somers in real life (literally) at a book launch party/dealy. She is A) still very attractive and B) TINY!, she's just a wee little thing, it's unreal. THis puzzle is actual size.

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CHRIS MANN said...

Love your site.

I'm another Chris that loved Three's Company growing up ... even wrote a book about it ; ).

Check this out:

Jack Tripper poster/shirts/mirror and even a 3's Company cast puzzle with Joyce DeWitt and your beloved Norman Fell ...

Chris Mann