Friday, December 4, 2009

Short Lived: The Paul Lynde Show

I've never seen minute one of this short lived vehicle for "Center Square" Paul Lynde and that wouldn't stop me from buying a box set tomorrow. The show itself sounds inconsequential, man has his perfect life disrupted when his daughter (and I'm assuming idiotic) son in law move back in.

I am betting there is probably a wonderful subtext to the show now, America percieved Lynde as "whacky" and having him play a family man was as strange as Village People Halloween costumes seem today.

Paul Lynde passed far too soon, I'm reminded of this everytime I see Roger on "American Dad", I can only imagine the parts he could have gotten in the 1990s.


wee67 said...

Paul Lynde and Charles Nelson Reily were my favorite "whacky" performers from my ignorant days.

The woman who played is other daughter, Pamelyn Ferdin, is one of those actors who I remember seeing in show after show throughout the 70's. More importantly, I remember her voice. She voiced Lucy in a few Peanuts specials and was the little girl in 'Cat in the Hat.'

BTW, you can watch an episode of this on youtube-

Ryoki Nor said...

The show was pretty funny. I used to watch it for Pamelyn Ferdin. I had a big crush on her. Anyone remember the " Curiosity Shop"?