Friday, March 6, 2009

Never Seen Again!

Everybody knows about TVs lost characters, people who are lazily removed from TV shows without so much as a mention. The most popular character for most would be Chuck Cunningham from Happy Days, who was predominant in the first season then never mentioned or seen again. My guess is he did something really horrible and the Cunninghams disowned him, maybe he got into reefer or something.

Chuck is not alone in sitcom Limbo, here are a few more characters that were simply removed without notice:

That 70s Show: In an early episode, the gang is being driven crazy by Donna's bratty little sister, she is never heard from again. What the hell did they do to her?
M*A*S*H: Ugly John and Spearchucker Jones got the bum's rush after the first season, it's the army, they could have been transferred or sent home but we didn't get an explaination.

My Three Sons: Mike Douglas, the eldest boy of the guy who looks like Shazam just pfffft! disappeared in 1965, maybe he's with Adam Cartwright...

30 Rock: (edited) When I wrote this on Monday morning, the character of Josh hadn't been seen at all this year nor was he mentioned, he was once central to the plot of the series, so I assumed he had been written out. Last night, he mysteriously appeared again like he had been there all the time. He wasn't given much to do however....


Booksteve said...

On radio's FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY, the McGees' neighbor Gildersleeve was married and ran a factory. When the character spun off into his own sitcom (THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE ran from 1941-1956)a few years later, he was suddenly a bachelor. He waved goodbye to Fibber, Molly and his factory workers though as he went to another town to meet his orphaned neice and nephew. At first he would write to old chum Fibber but after a few seasons, Fibber McGee was a radio show HE listened to and he had lived around his niece and nephew as they had grown up! The factory, mentioned from time to time in the early seasons, was forgotten!

rob! said...

I was wondering if Josh had been dumped from 30 Rock...and then last night there he was!

What's weirder about Spearchucker is, unlike Ugly John or Boone, he actually lived in The Swamp. The fact that he was totally erased is one of M*A*S*H's weirder moments.

That, and the fact that Hawkeye mentions his mom and sister all the way up through season 4, but in season 10 mentions that his mom died when he was a kid, and there's an overwhelming inference that he's an only child.


You forgot about two missing Torkelson children,but I guess they don't count since I'm probably the only person on the face of the earth that remembers the Torkelsons.