Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Syndicated: Out of the World

Out of this World was the story of Evie, who on her 16th Birthday is told that her father is an alien, no, not like the gardener (an actual joke from the pilot) but a space alien. The onset of puberty brings along special powers for Evie like the ability to stop time.

If you haven't seen this show, I'll spoil it for you, it's not very good. I'll also confess that I've seen every episode! You see, OOTW (as we fans refer to it as) ran at 12:30 when I was in college. Which was right after "Leave it to Beaver" and either it was my love for series co-star Doug McClure or my hatred for Political Science (Oh how I failed that year) but somehow I sat through all 96 episodes. Maybe at the start of every show I got fooled into thinking it was Buck Rogers, seeing as the stock footage is all taken from there.

Burt Reynolds (yes that Burt Reynolds) did the voice of Evie's deadbeat space dad, which came out of a fancy lava lamp thingee. Evie and her mom (played by "Angie" Donna Pescow) were also beleagured by a crew of whacky neighbours and relatives such as their fat, food crazed Uncle Beano and "comedian" Buzz Bellmondo, who was truly the "Ray Jay Johnson" of the 1980s.

I wish I could back in time and beat the living hell of my college self...


wee67 said...

(said like a 16-yr-old girl)
oh mah gawd!

I had completely forgotten about this one. The INSTANT you said Burt Reynolds, I remembered the voice and that fact that I recognized it but somehow never bothered to minimumly task myself to place it.

My other questions is how did 96 episodes get made?!?!? I guess this early first-run syndie programming was pretty darn cheap for stations to buy. A little more expensive than running Gilligan's Island for the 12-hundredth time and LOT less expense than buying a more recently syndicated network show.

daria said...

I LOVED this show in middle school! It was on between Small Wonder and My Secret Identity, Saturday afternoons at 4-ish on our shiny new Fox affiliate (because they needed something to fill the air, no doubt, and this was before they realized they could just use infomercials).