Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shortlived: Day By Day

While the starting looks like pure 80s cheese now, Day by Day was actually an entertaining show with likable characters. The story of a yuppie couple who get off the fast track to open a home daycare center, Day by Day avoidedthe mire of "cutsie-poo" humour unlike "Full House" but perhaps it's premise kept people away regardless.

Most people remember the Brady Bunch themed episode where the couple's teenage son (played by C.B Barnes)imagines he's Greg Brady, oddly, he would later play Greg Brady in the movies.

A lot of talent came out of this series, this was Julia Louis Dreyfus's first noticable stop post SNL and pre Seinfeld, Courtney Thorne Smith went on to a longer running but much poorer quality sitcom and fans of Thora Birch may find her role as a kindergartener a huge contrast to "American Beauty".

The series only ran for two seasons, despite it's "Family Ties" lead in, which was odd considering it was generally well praised and remembered.


Neal Patterson said...

I thought this show was pretty good too. Not only did it have the time slot after "Family Ties," but both shows shared the same creator. I think the show suffered from the fact that sitcoms were transitioning away from cute domestic comedies and moving more toward the "Frasier" and "Seinfeld" model. Kinda makes me yearn for a well-written domestic comedy now.

Propagatrix said...

Did the "Brady Bunch" episode feature a very pregnant Maureen McCormack? And did the teenaged son wear a bathrobe all the time? Heavens, I thought I'd dreamed this show.