Monday, May 4, 2009

TV's Fabulous Faces

A new feature for a while here will be selections from the 1976 Scholastic book "TV's Fabulous Faces" by Peggy Herz. I picked this book up in 1984 on a weekend outing with my parents, mostly because it had info on "Space:1999". I was too old to be on this outing and old enough that my parents worried I'd have a party if left alone (because kids who are into "Space:1999" always have keggers) so I ended up memorizing this thing.

Thebook is a fun little time capsule into the TV Season that year as can be evidenced by the cover, I'm going to routinely post photos and nuggets of info from it. Here is the first segment, culled from an interview with actor Ron Pallilo:

"When the show first came on the air, people thought Horshak was retarded. "That made me very angry" Ron said "People pinned that label on Horshak because he is very young." Ron shook his head in disgust."

Ron you missed your Oscar calling....


Robert M. Lindsey said...

I've got this book and several others like it I bought from Scholastic back when they were new. I plan on posting some myself at I'll probably just post covers and a few select pages though.

wee67 said...

Cleary, Ron was just THAT good.

That cover really made do a Chuck-style flash, but with all kinds of good nostalgic memories.


That Hal Linden photo with that freakin giant mustache and sinister smile will haunt me in my dreams tonight and that Barbarino photo is strait out of Bananas magazine.Cool book, I'd love to find one of those somewhere.
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Gilligan said...

Hilarious that audiences who'd been weaned on the likes of Jethro BoDean and Gilligan would think Horshack was retarded.

I look forward to more from this book!