Friday, April 24, 2009

Animated: New Adventures of Gilligan

Like any 70s kid, I had seen at least 100 straight hours of Gilligan's Island before I was out of diapers and I liked it! Fond memories prevailed for this Filmation animated series as well, which starred much (if not all, I'm too lazy to imdb it) of the original cast. This was part of the line up on Channel 7's Commander Tom show growing up, I get all fuzzy just thinking about ol' Commander Tom.

So as an adult, I managed to track down some copies of this on the insidious black market, where a one eyed man traded them to me in exchange for some copper wiring, a barrel of wash and four bald tires.

We simply must create a word or term that represents the feeling you get when you watch something you loved as a child and realize it's complete shit as an adult. Something like "Crappogutpunchnausea" but not so flowery.

I've put this DVD on for my kids on rainy days when I need to go lay down (sweet lady gin is a harsh mistress) and it can't hold their attention for more than ten minutes. God, even "Drac Pack" or "Robonic Stooges" gets them for an hour or so.

I know the next time I go to the black market, I'll likely buy those "Gilligan's Planet" DVDs but the realization won't be so hard this time.


Jon K said...

I'm pretty sure the only original cast member who didn't return was the actress who played Ginger (who pretty much stayed away from anything Gilligan after the show ended), and oddly enough, Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) was also missing, too. Jane Webb voiced Ginger, and Jane Edwards voiced Mary Ann. Dawn Wells did return, however, to voice Mary Ann in "Gilligan's Planet". All this via the IMDB, by the way -- even I'm not a big enough Filmation geek to know all this off the top of my head (just that they had to replace Ginger)!

wee67 said...

This was WAY better than 'Dusty's Trail' or 'Lost Saucer!' ;)