Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reunions: The Munster's Revenge

Having caught the tail end of "Monster Mania" in the 70s and being a fan of the original Munsters, I was pretty psyched to see this 1981 TV movie reunion. Overall, it was a pretty good affair, the cast still looked good and the chemistry was there. Eddie and Marylin were recast, I am not sure why.

The thing that I think dampened the experience is the comic book plot involving Wax Museum Robots of Herman and Grandpa (and other Universal Monsters) committing crimes for the evil Dr. Diablo. The Munsters was a "fish out of water" comedy that was funnier when Herman and Grandpa were in the real world, IMO. Still, it was nice to see them together in their prime and as TV reunions go (if you include the "Halloween with the new Addams Family" and "Still the Beaver") it's a win.

This was not the last time the Munsters were seen on TV, it's been back more times than Dracula or Frankenstein themselves, never better than the original however. I somehow doubt the new Wayans Brothers version is going to erase Fred Gwynne from anybody's mind either.

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