Monday, April 6, 2009

Movies: Holiday on the Buses

I was born and raised on the British classic series "On the Buses", so in my teens when I discovered that Hammer (yeah, the Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing people) had made feature films based on the adventures of Jack and Stan, I was so there.

The movies are a little different though, firstly for some reason Stan's sister Olive and her husband Arthur have a kid (?) which isn't present on the series but more importantly, there's lots of BOOBIES! Even this clip has brief nudity (so it's probablt NSFW), that kind of gave the series a newer, saltier dimension. It was like Benny Hill was directing.

The On The Buses movies are pretty fun in a "goofy time wasting kind of way" which I think is highly underrated. I was make a comment that it's weird now to see a movie on something running on TV but I paid to see "The Simpson's" movie two summers ago.....

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