Friday, April 17, 2009

Reviews: Surviving Suburbia

God help me, there is nothing on. I know that because I haven't missed an episode of Surviving Suburbia, the new Bob Saget sitcom. Now, I'm not one to judge Saget for his years of selling out on Full House and America's Funniest Home videos because he'll no doubt pay for that in the after life. I know him to be a pretty damn funny comic and an especially great radio show guest on stuff like "Opie and Anthony". My ears just don't perk up with the words "Bob Saget Sitcom", that's all.

"Surviving Suburbia" is about Saget, a man with an especially "Muppety voiced*" wife (Cynthia Stevens, I hated her character on "Dead Like Me" so I'm kind of tainted) and two kids, a kind of slacker son and especially precocious daughter. They live in some sort of "prim and proper" kind of neighbourhood, the place you wouldn't want to live in but probably do if you really thought about it.

Saget's character is supposed to be the neighbourhood douchebag and that's the trouble with this show, he's becoming less and less of one.

I don't blame Saget for it, he has it in him, I blame network TV, somehow the concept seems a bit watered down so the character is real likable. I'm sure in some places it's quite shocking to come home from work with a beer on your breath but not where I live, my neighbour does it every day, trust me, I see him when I go to the bar every afternoon.

All in all, the show needs to amp up the "cringe factor" in order to make it succesful, otherwise this show will be a dinosaur.

In this past week's episode Saget mistakenly refers to his daughter's teacher as pregnant when it turns out she just has a belly, good stuff but far funnier when Brian Cranston did it on "Malcom in the Middle", a show that truly understood the words "Cringe" and "neighbourhood douchebag".

I'm off to steal lawn ornaments..

(* "Muppety Voiced" is Patent Pending)

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