Monday, August 10, 2009

Serious Spin Offs Week: Lou Grant

Another theme week, this one devoted not to sitcoms but their weird dramatic offspring, the spin off. It's odd when a character from a sitcom moves over to a dramatic series but hey, it's happened more than once.

The biggest one had to be Lou Grant, fresh from the Mary Tyler Moore show, Ed Asner reprised the role of "lovable Mr Grant" on a straight forward show about running an LA newspaper.

I was seven when it came out and just didn't get it, where was Ted? Where was the laugh track? Why wasn't he funny?

Fortunately Lou Grant, survived without the "confused seven year old" demographic and lasted 5 seasons and piles of accolades.


wee67 said...
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wee67 said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one a bit confused by this. I knew actors took on other roles, but this guy was being called "Lou Grant." He worked in the news industry and everything. I just didn't know how to take him in his new role.

What would they do next, make Hawkeye the chief of surgery in a serious state-side hospital? ;)

rob! said...

Yessss! I sense a Trapper John MD post in this blog's future!