Monday, August 17, 2009

Cop Week: Police Squad!

Created by the same team that brought you Airplane! and Kentucky Fried Movie, Police Squad was a brilliant series that was unfairly cancelled.

The Premise was simple, Police Squad was a straight laced 70s crime show (heavily swiping from Quinn Martin shows) full of sight gags and jokes delivered with a deadpan nature. Leading the team was Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin, a straight laced no nonense kind of cop who is sometimes a sgt and later a lt detective, they kept intentionally changing that.

ABC cancelled the series because "the viewer had to pay attention" which means that ABC thought we were all morons, I was eleven and had no trouble keeping up. Police Squad! was a never miss program in my house.

After it's cancellation of course, the series was eventually brought to feature films as "the Naked Gun" making Nielsen a comedy star in the process. As much as I like those, I kind of miss when Frank Drebin wasn't a buffoon who seemed in on the joke. (In general I wish no one had ever told Leslie Nielsen he was funny) One of the best things about Police Squad was it's hard boiled tone.


wee67 said...

I hate you!!! I was just about to get back to some stuff at work and I'm waaay behind. Then you had to post this, forcing me to waste another 10 minutes of my day.
Don't act like you didn't know what was going to happen.

wee67 said...

AND, sir, as an employee of ABC, we do NOT think of you as a moron. I would explain this more, but you are too phenomanally slow to understand.

rob! said...

I would've loved to have seen that "lost" death opening that they shot with John Belushi but then had to scrap.

I think the best joke PS ever did was when they were questioning a woman who was a dancer or something, and she went behind a screen, saying, "I have to change", and when she comes back its a different actress. Sheer genius.

Wings said...

Damn, I loved this show!!!

Here, since you have been so totally awesome lately: Honest Scrap Award