Monday, August 24, 2009

Syndicated: You Can't Take It With You

Even though it's only about 20 years old, this is easily one of the most forgotten television shows I've ever encountered. Even the IMDB page has it all wrong and seems to get it confused with the play of the same name, of which this series was an updating. It's like everybody's memory was wiped clean.
The series revolved around the character of Martin (played by Harry Morgan, a man who must love to work) who lived with his daughter and her husand (Richard Sanders from WKRP) Paul, who designed toys and according to Martin " played with them too".
Martin was this free spirit who painted and never paid his taxes, he narrated the show's opening highlighting how eclectic each family member was, he himself marched to the beat of a different drummer.
My local UHF station played this show at five on Sunday and I remember being somewhat confused why it existed. It was clearly based on something but I'd never heard of the play or the film, I doubt most people had. Much of the show took place on the living room set and the writing was dated and weak. There weren't many laughs to be had.
Despite having the presence of Morgan and Sanders, YCTIWY faded after one unmemorable season and apparently, all evidence of it was destroyed.


wee67 said...

Forgotten, perhaps, but it has now been acronym'ed by Sictom Diablo! (or SD, I supposes)

Wings said...

You know, I have some vague memory of this. Huh... I watched a lot of the syndicated shows in the 80s, so that is probably why.


I actually remember this play, I had to read it for some theatre class i had to take.I think they owned/lived in a funeral home.I wish I've known about this for my "Obscure Series of the Week" feature over at my blog.I would be a perfect fit.

rob! said...

I have no memory of this show. I must have watched it at least once, it had Col. Potter in it!

Dianah said...

i vaguely remember the dry humour of the old man, and i recall the show ending with him saying a prayer over dinner.