Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wrapping up Death Week

I thought I'd use this day to touch upon some other notable deaths and why I chose not to blog about them. One of the most famous is probably Nicholas Colasanto AKA "Coach" from Cheers pictured above. There is no doubt that he was vital to the show's success but I was always surprised about how well Woody Harrelson filled that void, especially considering he was almost playing the same character. Cheers got lucky twice that way. The show simply went on.

Night Court lost Selma Diamond and her Replacement Florence Halop in the course of two years (which must have made Marsha Warfield nervous about getting the role) but the show had such a revolving door of cast members at the time that it didn't seem to phase the series and it ran for six additional years. Four of which I enjoyed...

And of course, the biggie would be John Ritter, who died one season in to "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter". I wasn't as interested in this story because Ritter was doing better films than he was TV at this point in his career, the show seemed like a paycheck to a guy of his calibur and should have been cancelled immediately after he passed away.

Anyway, enough death, next week we get serious.

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Wings said...

Great choices all week.

Coach's death was shocking and sad, but was made okay since the show played it as just life, things happen and we move on. And yeah, Woody was a great find.

Night Court's two older baliff's was an odd coincidence and yeah, we all joked that Marsha Warfield was one brave chick at the time!

And John Ritter's death was the most shocking. Definitely should have spelt the end of that show. Talk about uncomfortable viewing. Sheesh.