Thursday, November 13, 2008

Britcom: Shelley

Here is one I was fond of but never realized how long it lasted. Shelley starred Hywell Bennet as James Shelley as an over educated, unemployable man in the late 70's UK. At the start of the series, Shelley is living with his pregnant girlfriend Fran who he later marries.

The fun of the show is that Shelley is just so mad at the world, his rants are terrific and righteous, this wonderfully lazy man goes on his own personal crusade.

Later seasons had Shelley's wife leave him (which would probably happen in real life to this type of guy) and move to Canada. The show then began a focus on Shelley and the menial jobs he had to get in a recessed economy. The show just didn't have it's spark anymore for me and I gave up.

I didn't see Bennet again until I rented Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere" and I almost didn't recognize him. When I googled this show today, I was alarmed to find out it ran for ten seasons! It must have changed it's course somewhat and pulled out of the tailspin that it was in.

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