Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shortlived: Brothers and Sisters (1979)

I don't have any video for this series and I'm really just going on happy memories here. Following the 1978 smash success of "Animal House", all three networks embarked on their own "crazy fraternity" sitcoms.

ABC actually hired much of the Animal House cast for their reunion series, "Delta House" (which I'll eventually get to), CBS created something called "Co-Ed Fever" (which ran one series) and NBC offered "Brothers and Sisters"

The show revolved around Randall, Checko and Zipper, three slacker types who lived in the basement of a frat house on the fictious ground of Crandall College. William Windom played the crusty Dean Larry Crandall.

I was eight when the series premiered and I never expected to be remember it's name let alone find an episode. I recall it was pretty funny but then again I was eight. Like all of the Animal House inspired sitcoms, it didn't even last a season.


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joy said...

This show has me hooked!! It's an amazing balance of all the conflicts and joys within a family. Amazing one!! Catch it Brothers and sisters Download here..

Jeff Sparkman said...

This YouTube video of show openings from 1979 starts with the opening for Brothers and Sisters.


All of them are interesting; there are some shows in there I could almost swear were made up. :)

ChickD said...

I feel like I'm now joining an exclusive fraternity. Do you know how many people--when asked if they remembered NBC's "Brothers and Sisters"--- look at me as if I'm crazy? YES...My sanity has finally been restored! I remember a specific episode when they utilized Jerry Raffity's "Baker Street" when transferring from one scene to another, (the writer in me. ) In any case, if anyone knows how to get the collection for this, please e-mail or leave info. I'll REALLY be impressed if someone can help me remember this VERY short lived sit com (I think on ABC) about this fitness center/ health food bar on a---I think--California beach, (comedy.)



Chuck Stutz said...

The show about the fitness center was called Shaping Up, it ran for four weeks in 1984 and starred Leslie Nielsen