Thursday, November 20, 2008

Merch: Mego Ralph Malph Doll

(Image stolen from As much as I was a fan of Happy Days, I pretty much called it quits on the merch after I got my Fonzie doll. I had little to no desire to pad out my cast of characters. Did anyone want this doll? Like, did somebody see the commercials and write Santa with "GIVE ME A DONNY MOST!"?

I got to interview Neal Kublan former VP of Mego toys a few years ago and he pretty much told me that few children, if any, did.

As an obsessive compulsive adult, I must confess that the doll in this picture is mine and that I also own a carded one too. I am filled with shame (and gravy) about this.....

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gilligan said...

I'm guessing the same kids who bought the Ralph Malph doll also were proud owners of the Oscar Goldman figure.

I knew a kid who had a Taxi lunch box... his parents bought it for him and he hated it. I'm guessing the same principle holds true for these dolls.