Thursday, November 20, 2008

Forgotten: Angie

What happens when a working class Italian girl marries a waspy weathly guy? Hilarity that's what!

Angie was a modestly successful show centering around Donna Pescow (who would later make "Out of this World" on which I'll pontificate on later) and her marriage to a pre "Airplane!" Robert Hayes. It was the typical "snobs vs blue collar" thing and honestly, somebody just reworked this show a few years later to make "Dharma and Greg". I used to watch Angie and for a while ABC played it during the day as well, then it just went away. The only episode I remember off hand is one where Jimmie Carter came to visit (the President's visit was off screen, cowards!)


rob! said...

geez, i used to watch this AND "Out Of This World." what as my problem?

Plaidstallions said...

Rob I watched every unfunny episode of out of this world and small wonder. I share this affliction.

wee67 said...

How dare you ridicule anything with Debralee Scott! Seriously, I remember this show and have actually thought about it over the years. It was the only show on TV at the time that took place in my hometown- Philadelphia.