Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Get a Life: Chris Moves Out

Yeah, that's right, I'm going to blog about one of my favourite s hows of all time, Get A Life, not once but frequently. Even though I think season one of the show was brilliant, I'm much more fond of the Second Season.

Probably because when it returned as a mid season replacement in 1992, the series seemed to have this "we know we're cancelled" attitude about it. Chris moved in with alcoholic ex cop Gus Borden (The Wonderful Brian Doyle Murray) and the show took on this weirder, much darker tone.

In this season, Chris falls in love with an escaped convict, travels back in time, decides to stalk a girl, gains radioactive super powers, makes his friend leave his family and of course, adopts an alien being.

While his parents were still around, the interplay between Chris and Gus was really key to this season. If you ever watch the cartoon "Flapjack" (which stars Doyle Murray) you'd swear it was animated version of GAL.

Each episode this season also ended with a violent death for Chris, he was shot, stabbed, dropped out planes, one had his friends rip off his head and start playing kick ball.

We'll never see the likes of this show again so it deserves to be celebrated, here is the season 2 opened "Chris Moves Out".

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daria said...

This was the BEST show! I loved it! Sadly I missed most of the second season because I went to college and didn't have a TV. I wish the DVDs weren't so expensive.