Friday, February 13, 2009

Animated : Mission Hill

The short lived Mission Hill has to be one of my favourite animated series ever produced, it's a shame that it never got a chance to find an audience.

Produced for the WB, Mission Hill chronicles 20 something Andy French (Wallace Langham from CSI) an aspiring cartoonist with an affinity for malt liquor who works a terrible retail job and lives in a groovy section of town with some weird room mates. Kevin is forced to grow up a little when his nerdy teenage brother Kevin moves in with him.

There is something that really clicks about this show, it's absurd cast of characters with their Dan Clowes-esque design and some of the really fun plots that developed. WB didn't let the show build any sort of following and just pulled the plug after 3 airings, yet "Sister Sister" ran forever, yeah that's fair...

As an aside, I will admit to perhaps being biased as the series hits home to my own period of arrested development in my twenties, the cartoonist leanings, the malt liquor, even the red smock at work. This show really sang to me.

After it was cancelled, I wrote to one of the show's creators Josh Weinstein and to my surprise, he wrote back, a lot! He even sent me unproduced scripts and goodies like stickers, just another bonus of a great series.


Lady Jaye said...

Mission Hill is one of the series that I used to watch regularly on Teletoon. Good memories!

rob! said...

The Oakley/Weinstein years on The Simpsons were some of that show's best, its a shame they're not, like, running a network.

wee67 said...

It only aired 3 times? Did they sell the rest fo episodes to Cartoon Network? CN runs this as part of its Adult Swim block. I could have sworn I've seen more than 3 episodes.