Friday, February 20, 2009

Merch: Good Times Trading Cards

That would explain my freshly pooped pants, by the look of that face, this two bedroom apartment is going to be a tinder box tonight.

Uh-Oh, J.J. ribbing your always angry father about his social status isn't probably a good idea.

Ah yes, that's more like it. The James Evans threatening J.J. card, why would any child want this? (OK I bought tons of these as a kid)

Finally, something for my lunch pail, one of TV's angriest father figures!


gilligan said...

Awesome find! James Evans always scared the hell out of me... I prefered the sensitive and understanding father in my sitcoms. This guy would eat Alan Thicke for breakfast.

wee67 said...

I really would not have been surprised if he just close-fist punched any member of that family. He just seemed to be right at that point before the water boils.

rob! said...


These would go great with any Great Santini trading cards.