Friday, January 2, 2009

Animated: Fonz and the Happy Days Gang

I am filled with shame to admit this but I loved this show when I was 11, never missed it and I enjoyed the antics of Mr. Cool, Fonzie's dog. I don't know that person anymore.

I flirted with getting these shows on dvd for my kids (they're not officially available but I know a guy...) but then realized my children have no concept of the Fonz or the fifties so this would likely be a failed experiment.

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gilligan said...

Knowledge of the 50s may not be all that necessary for the kids. Happy Days seemed to lose all connection to the 1950s after the first couple seasons.... feathered hair, even big wide collars (take a look at Suzi Quatro!) - all the hallmarks of the 70s eventually rendered any pretense of it taking place in the 50s laughable.