Monday, January 5, 2009

Spin Offs: Flo

Saucy ol' waitress Flo memerized a nation with her zesty catch phrase "Kiss my Grits" during her tenure on "Alice", so it was a natural for CBS execs to give her own show (Because ABC had hit so much ratings gold with "Fish" and "The Ropers"). Oddly, she was replaced on Alice by Diane Ladd, who had played Flo in the movie. This is like taking Loretta Switt from M*A*S*H and replacing her with Sally Kellerman.

I can't find the original opening to Flo so I just nabbed the scene where she left "Alice", it's better than me singing the theme song (I remember it well).

Flo's series involved her opening a road house type bar in Texas called "The Yellow Rose". Originally a mid season show, (That I faithfully watched) the show tanked when it returned to the fall CBS line up.

For more info on Flo check out this site.

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rob! said...

For every Frasier, there are a dozen Joeys, Flos,and AfterMASHs.