Friday, January 23, 2009

Britcoms: The IT Crowd

If you haven't already discovered the brilliant series, I insist you seek it out (In the US IFC runs it and you can see the shows here)

The show is insanely funny, while it's premise is the IT department of a large company it's rarely about computers and more about the odd people that make up said department. The show's strength (for me) is that it's never afraid to sprinkle in the surreal for a laugh.

Topics covered involved crippling foot injuries in the name of fashion, German cannibals, Goths, using handicapped toilets, Gay musicals and of course, going on a date with a little bit of shit on your forehead.

This is my new favourite show.


wee67 said...

OMG, I ran across this other day and loved it! I meant to DVR the series, but I forgot which network was running it. Thanks!

wee67 said...

Also- Have you ever seen "Garth Merenghi's Darkplace"? A few of the same actors so I assume some of the same creative team. Avery funny take on the knock-off Twilight Zone-type shows.