Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shortlived: Quark

Quark was probably the first show I remember learning the harsh reality of something getting cancelled, I remember loving the series, my family never missed an episode and then phhhhhht! it was gone.

It was kind of gone from memory too, in college I remember people trying desperately to remember the show's title.

While it's not uncommon for Science Fiction based sitcoms to get cancelled, much of which is mercy killing, however Quark was from Buck Henry, the same man who turned the spy genre into gold with Get Smart.

Quark is about a man named Adam Quark, who pilots an interstellar garbage truck with a crew consisting of a plant being who is dryer than Mr Spock, a he-she (played by Tim Thomerson), two cloned bombshells and a cowardly robot.

The show still has some great appeal to this day, thanks to many of the laughs coming from the characters themselves and not the situations.

For once, the DVD Gods have smiled upon us and actually released this shortlived series for under $20. I wonder if those same Gods could do me a solid and release "Delta House" as well? I'm willing to conduct a few sacrafices.


wee67 said...

I'm surprised it took this long to get a quark mention ;)

gilligan said...

Other than the gorgeous Bettys, there wasn't a whole lot for me to like about Quark. Although, this strikes me as show that might've gotten better with age had it been given the chance. The gender confused "transmute" and the Spock rip-off, Ficus, started to grow on me.

I did a post on Quark not so long ago if you care to take a look.