Thursday, January 15, 2009

Merch: Love Boat Barber Shop

As anyone who visits Plaidstallions would know, I really like Rack Toys. That's because most of them are stupid and I never seem to tire of pointing that out.

It's easy humour and I'm a laaaaaaazzzzeeee man.

Case in point, the Love Boat Barber Shop, I'm sure that the Love Boat had a barber shop but I honestly doubt we ever saw, say, Gordon Jump getting a shave. So this is another case of a Rack Toy manufacturer ( Fleetwood in this case, who usually made quality) simply slapping a logo on cheap crap and heading off to the bar for 5 "old fashions" before driving home...

1 comment:

rob! said...

Wow. Between this and Mego, it seems merchandisers really thought The Love Boat was going to be a kids favorite, didn't they?