Friday, January 9, 2009

Facts of Life Minisode: Dope

When the local Christian channel started playings reruns of "Facts of Life" a few years back, my wife subjected me to the entire series run twice. It's an amazing journey, I assure you, by the end you just want the series to die.

I'd have preferred in this "Minisode" format much better, here is one of my favorites from the "Pre-Jo" era, where the girls encounter the horrors of marijuana!


Lady Jaye said...

At least this episode didn't pretend that smoking marijuana meant automatically falling into hard drugs, like the US campaign makes us believe...

Bubbashelby said...

No, but watching that episode leads to falling into hard drugs...I'm injecting my arm with black tar heroin right now just to forget!

Ohhhh, the pain, the momories, the Tootie....ahhhh it's all going away....*